Phantom Flex
Up to 2570 frames per second in full HD
High-speed image capture
Stable blacks, low noise, high dynamic range
Cineflex V14
Unparalleled stability over the roughest terrains
Land, Air or Sea
Fujinon 42x 9.7 long and 13×4.5 wide Lens options
Time Lapse
Creative edge
Document over time
Watch as the world passes by
Qatar Moments
Location specialists
Cultural and historic expertise
Capturing precious and rare images of Qatar
We are passionate about creating the very best programmes in Qatar. View our work.


Ayn Al Shaheen Films is one of Qatar’s leading independent media production companies specializing in television series and documentaries. The company is run by Qatari Essa Al Kuwari and his Australian business partner International television producer and director Lyndal Davies. The company prides itself on delivering high quality, sophisticated and professional programmes.



Ayn Al Shaheen films is a production company offering everything needed to make high-end quality programmes within Qatar. We provide our own edit, final mixing suite and audio technicians, camera equipment and operators, lighting equipment, jib and operator, sound recordists, producers, translators and directors. We also have a dedicated graphics department and time-lapse filming unit.


Cineflex V14

The Cineflex V14HD is the benchmark of all stabilized gimbal systems, allowing the smoothest shots even in the bumpiest conditions. It relies on an extremely accurate gyro stabilization system that provides the ability for 360-degree pan, 165-degree tilt, +/- 45 degrees roll and automatic back pan, all with amazing accuracy, sharpness and stability whether you application be on Land, Air or Sea.


Phantom Flex

The Phantom Flex redefines the high-speed landscape, offering the greatest feature flexibility of any digital high-speed camera on the market. It is capable of recording 2,570 fps at 1920×1080
Depending on the shooting mode and resolution, the Flex is capable of shooting from 5 fps to over 10,750 fps.
Supports raw digital and video workflow, or combination of both.


Featured Projects

Pearl Diving Competition

In this series we are going to take two crews of Qatari men back out to sea to fish for pearls in the traditional way: each day an adventure fraught with risk but with the promise of great reward. Do

Doha Heroes Season 3 – Al Fazaa

Every little boys dream is to travel in a police car and in this reality television series we take the viewer on patrol with the Qatar police service – Al Fazaa. These are the men who keep the

Water World

In this action packed series our energetic presenters Saleh and Khalid take a look at just how much fun you can have on the waters around Qatar. Whether they are fishing for kingfish or trying out the

The Desert Treasure

The Desert Treasure is a film designed to bring a smile to the elderly as they recall the past and inspire the young people to appreciate the beauty of the environment and protect it for future

Falconry Competition

We use highly specialized camera equipment to capture the art of falconry as we follow 6 Qataris in the Al Rayaan Falcon competition. The men must buy a young falcon and train it to hunt. They will be

Camel Challenge Competition

With thousands of camels bred for racing each year, the chances of actually winning a race is small. Nevertheless, eight up-and-coming camel trainers are about to try and beat the odds. These ten

Doha Heroes Season 2 – Civil Defence

In this highly popular television series our cameras ride along side the brave men of the Qatar fire brigade as they fight fires and rescue people across Doha. itʼs all in a days work for the men of