Who We Are

Led by Essa Al Kuwari and Lyndal Davies, Ayn Al Shaheen Films has produced over 320 hours of television for our Qatari clients including the State National Day committee, Al Rayyan television, Katara, Msheireb Properties, Qatar Tourism Authority, Doha Film Institute, Al Kass TV and Qatar TV.

Formerly Rock Wallaby Productions we have also produced over 120 hours of television programming for international broadcasters such as the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

The company motto of Ayn Al Shaheen Films is “Near enough is not good enough”. We are passionate about creating only the best films and pride ourselves in blending strong stories with stunning visuals. Our programmes are not just about educating and entertaining – they are about combining words, music and pictures to create an emotion in the viewer.

We believe we are only as good as our last job and as such, we ensure every production we deliver is of the highest quality and that our client is always happy.

Ayn Al Shaheen Films is in a unique position in Qatar to provide top-end production services. We have a permanent staff of over 15 people including top end international and local camera operators, directors, producers, graphic designers and editors.

Our post production facilities include offline editing, online and colour grading, graphics and sound mixing and we utilise the latest hardware and software including Apple, Avid, Adobe and Black Magic Design.

All of our post-production and production equipment is owned by ASF and based in Qatar including an ultra high speed Phantom Flex Camera, Red Weapon 8K Camera, 6 x Sony NEX FS700 4K Cameras and two Cineflex V14 Stabilised Camera Systems. We also have a full compliment of other 2K and 4K camera systems.

We are experts in time lapse photography and enjoy an extensive roster of highly specialised equipment including Drones, Ronin and Defy D5 camera stabilising systems, along with the required expertise and licences to operate them effectively and within the laws of Qatar.

Our Qatari business partner Essa Al Kuwari is an active member of our company. His unique Qatar knowledge and contacts ensures accurate content and a smooth production process. We are totally committed to encouraging the active participation of Qataris in the company and we value our relationship with Mr. Al Kuwari and with the peoples and culture of Qatar. As such, our company image and the way our staff conduct themselves is always in the most respectful manner and in line with the values and beliefs of Qatar.

Our reputation as an honourable company is just as important as the quality of the work we produce.

Meet the Team

Essa Al Kuwari

Managing Director

Qatari born Essa Al Kuwari brings to Ayn Al Shaheen films an extensive knowledge of the local language, culture and environment of Qatar.   A highly experienced underwater camera operator Essa has a keen eye for detail and is passionate about his country and creating beautiful images for all to enjoy.

Lyndal Davies

Managing Director

Australian born Lyndal Davies brings over 20 years television experience to Ayn Al Shaheen films.   Lyndal has produced and directed over 100 hours of television including documentaries and reality television series, which have been broadcast on major networks around the world.