Our Work


Near enough will never be good enough for Ayn Al Shaheen films. We are passionate about creating the very best programmes in Qatar. We guarantee to deliver everything our client expects and more.

2013 Al Galayal Hunting Competition: 28 x 25 minute packages – AL RAYYAN TV
ASF provided 28 days of highly professional coverage of the Al Galayal competition. Which was broadcast across the Middle East. Our directors and camera crews followed the hunters across the desert and capture the spur of the moment action as they caught prey in the traditional methods. This footage was then cut daily into packages that were broadcast later that evening. Our edit teams were based in the desert so that we could meet the hectic deadlines and provide a truly professional product in a very short amount of time.

At the end of the competition this footage was then edited into a 16 x 25 minute series.


2012 Qatar Treasures: 13 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV

A treasure isn’t always something that has a monetary value. In this series we explore Qatar and some of the very special things the country has to offer – whether it be rare plants, animals or historical shows.

2012 Water World: 13 x 30 minuter series – AL RAYYAN TV
In this action packed series our energetic presenters Saleh and Khalid take a look at just how much fun you can have on the waters around Qatar. Whether they are fishing for kingfish or trying out the latest and greatest gadgets – this series will inspire the viewer to get out and take advantage of the great outdoors.

2012 A Taste of Qatar: 20 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
This series is all about preserving Qatarʼs traditional foods and flavors while at the same time giving them a modern twist that will appeal to all generations. In “A Taste of Qatar” we go into the countries top kitchens to see how some of the worldʼs best chefs can create a uniquely Qatari meal.

2012 Did You Know Children Segments: 40 x 1 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
Short information segments designed at getting children interested in the environment of Qatar.

2012 Pearl Diving Competition: 8 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
In this series we are going to take two crews of Qatari men back out to sea to fish for pearls in the traditional way: each day an adventure fraught with risk but with the promise of great reward. Do the men of today still have the Qatari spirit that pumped through the veins of their ancestors? We will find out as our heroes will be spending ten days at hunting pearls in ways that havenʼt changed in hundreds of years; sleeping on board, eating only what they can catch, surviving on their wits and relying on the same reserves of faith and resilience that got their ancestors through.

2012 Location Profiles: 20 x 1 minute – AL RAYYAN TV
Using our extensive library of footage from around Qatar we profile various landmarks and interesting locations of the country.

2012 Doha Heroes Season 2 – Civil Defence: 8 x 13 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
In this highly popular television series our cameras ride along side the brave men of the Qatar fire brigade as they fight fires and rescue people across Doha. itʼs all in a days work for the men of the Civil Defense.

2012 Falconry competition: 8 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
We use highly specialized camera equipment to capture the art of falconry as we follow 6 Qataris in the Al Rayaan Falcon competition. The men must buy a young falcon and train it to hunt. They will be judged every step of the way with our cameras covering all the action – both on the ground and in the sky.

2012 Um Rashid Old Lady of the Desert: 13 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
We take the viewer back in time as we follow the life of Um Rashid – a Qatari lady who prefers to live in the desert rather than the city. Um Rashid teaches us the way of the past – from milking goats to using desert plants for food and medicine.

2012 Short Films: 5 x 5 minute series – NATIONAL DAY

Under the light of the full moon we will watch as adult turtles drag themselves up remote Qatari beaches to lay their eggs in the soft white sand.

We film hedgehogs during the breeding season in March when the males travel long distancesin search of a mate, running on their long legs across the desert.

We capture stunning images of the sand viper as it propels itself sideways across the hot desert dunes of Qatar.

We follow these gentle giants as they grace the waters of Qatar. These slow moving filter feeders can grow up to 12 metres long and weigh over 21 tonnes – rivaling some of the largest dinosaurs in weight.

This is a very special bird all Qataris are familiar with. We capture the beauty of tiny chicks hatching and follow them through to their first flight.

2012 The Desert Treasure: 1 X 30 minute documentary – NATIONAL DAY
The Desert Treasure is a film designed to bring a smile to the elderly as they recall the past and inspire the young people to appreciate the beauty of the environment and protect it for future generations. It is a poetic tribute to the traditional desert traveller of Qatar and the simple life they led – a life with few complications – a life where there was time to sit and breathe and rejoice in the beauty of the land around them. The film takes the viewer on a journey over the course of a year as the desert traveller follows the path of life the rain has left behind – gathering everything they need, food and medicine, the ultimate treasures the land can offer them.


2011 Charity Challenge: 13 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV

Our Arabic comedian will do anything to help a good cause – or will he?
This series is all about taking a seemingly ordinary looking man and asking him to do extraordinary things to help a Qatar based charity. In each action packed half hour Abdul will be tested to the limit as he is put through a series of grueling challenges. Will he succeed or will he fail?

2011 Doha Heroes – Al Fazaa: 13 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
Every little boys dream is to travel in a police car and in this reality television series we take the viewer on patrol with the Qatar police service – Al Fazaa. These are the men who keep the streets of Qatar safe 24 hours a day.

2011 Serious Fun hobbies: 13 x 30 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
How many of us dream about diving to the bottom of the sea or gliding from the sky wearing a parachute? Maybe we always wanted to ride a horse and be a show jumper: or burn down a racing track? Whatever the dream, Serious Fun has something for every viewer. In each episode we meet up with men who truly make the most of their leisure time.

2011 Children Brighten the Skies: 1 x 20 minute documentary – NATIONAL DAY
Imagine if you were given a magical brush that could paint the sky? What canvas of colour would you create? For young minds the possibilities are endless. In this programme the children of Qatar design the fireworks for the National Day celebration.

2011 Camel Challenge Competition: 8 x 50 minute series – AL RAYYAN TV
With thousands of camels bred for racing each year, the chances of actually winning a race is small. Nevertheless, eight up-and-coming camel trainers are about to try and beat the odds. These ten selected trainers will be given 100,000 QAR each to buy and train a MAFRROD, a 1-year-old camel that has never been taught the skills needed to race.


2010 Short Films: 5 x 5 minute series.

Amazing slow-motion imagery celebrates the long relationship between man and horse in Qatar

A sand skink goes hunting on a beautiful dune… only to be hunted itself

The Arabian oryx was once endangered. We celebrate Qatar’s role in its preservation and showcase this iconic animal

As raindrops fall on the desert, it comes to life. This incredibly beautiful film celebrates the beauty of Qatar’s plants

Under the sea around Qatar we discover a colourful underwater wonderland full of amazing creatures

An incredible athlete and survival expert, the jerboa – Qatar’s very own kangaroo! – is one of the desert’s most loveable characters

2010 Wings Over Qatar: 1 x 40 minute documentary – NATIONAL DAY
Two microlights, one great adventure and incredible camera technology. Our pilots take us on a fabulous trip around Qatar and, for the first time, we see its beauty from the air. The eastern coastline, with its massive mangrove forests, white beaches and crystal blue seas, is breathtaking. Ancient forts, ruined cities and abandoned villages make for a fascinating journey down the west coast. Elsewhere we discover islands carpeted with flowers, coral reefs marooned in the desert, vast areas of golden sand dunes and massive caves. It’s an unforgettable journey.

2010 Bird Life of Qatar: 1 x 40 minute documentary – NATIONAL DAY
Using some of the world’s most advanced cameras, we showcase the incredible beauty and diversity of Qatar’s birdlife across the changing seasons of a year. Qatar is a birdwatcher’s paradise. In addition to its many resident birds, it also lies on the world’s great migration routes. We discover that new development is providing more and more green areas, and increasing numbers of birds are breaking their journey to rest and recuperate in Qatar. The variety of birds and behaviour we see is extraordinary. The programme also highlights the cultural importance of birds to the Qatari people and their ancient traditions.


2009 Call of the Wild: 4 x 30 minute series – NATIONAL DAY
Its guaranteed to be an adventure of a life time. Two brave Qatari men are being dropped deep in the African bush. Theyʼre leaving behind the luxuries of Qatar and spending a week in the wildnerness living off the land – with only a local guide for advice.

2009 Short Films: 5 x 5 minute series – NATIONAL DAY

Capturing the speed and grace of Qatar’ s favourite dog – from the race track to the desert sands these amazing animals call home.

We retrace the journey of the ancient pearl divers and recreate their life at sea in this tribute to the forefathers of Qatar.

The beauty of the desert landscape is brought to life through the eyes of an old man who choses to live in the desert rather than the city.

A father and son explore the cave of light just as families have done 
for centuries before – taking rest and shelter from the hot sun – and revealing the beauty of this underground sanctuary.

The grace and speed of this powerful bird is captured with the use of a
specialized camera that can slow down the motion capturing the tiniest ruffle of a feather.