Specialized Hunting Films

Ayn Al Shaheen films provides a specialised service with a professional production crew to capture your precious hunting moments and then edit them into a top quality film – something to share with your friends and treasure for years to come.

But this isn’t your everyday family fun video – this is a video of world class standard – the sort of quality you would see on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel.

We are Qatar’s most experienced company when it comes to filming hunting whether it be in Qatar or oversees.

No one can follow a falcon chasing a houbara or swooping down for the kill like we can. Filming this kind of action requires a team that understands both hunting techniques and animal behaviour in order to anticipate the sequence of events.

Our production team have years of experience in this as we have been covering the Al Galayal hunting competition for 6 seasons. We have also made numerous hunting programmes for our clients Al Rayyan television, Al Kass and Qatar television and been commissioned by VIPs to travel overseas on hunting trips to Morocco, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

We have the ability to work in remote and difficult locations while still delivering high quality edited sequences at the end of each day which can be viewed by the hunting parties. All of our ENG cameras are 4k ensuring the highest quality images.

All of our production crew and equipment are based in Qatar including the Cineflex V14 stabilised camera systems which allow us to zoom in on the action from long distances so as not to interfere with the hunt. Our Cineflex vehicles have been specially modified to handle the cameras and the more challenging hunting terrain.

We can also mount high speed cameras with long lenses on the back of vehicles to capture the kills in slow motion. A drone and operator can be provided to film aerial shots and set the scene for the location and the hunts while go pros capture the action in the vehicles providing multi camera angles on the release of the falcons. An ENG operator and sound recordist records the general activities of the hunters – on a day to day basis. We can provide one Cineflex system for filming the hunts or multiple systems and an entire production crew including an editor to create a documentary to capture the fun and interaction whether on the hunt or sitting around the fire at the end of the day.

The extent of our productions are only limited to your expectations and your budget.