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GSS Cinema
Mini 512EX-GEN2

The new GSS Cinema 4K/8K stabilised camera system is now in Qatar and available for your next production.

The GSS delivers super smooth images of all the action in 4K/8K resolution and is guaranteed to take your production to the next level.

The GSS is fitted with the latest RED camera and can be attached to a car, boat or helicopter. It is the only way to cover events like iron man competitions, camel and horse racing, motorcades through the city, parades, falconry competitions and water events like sailing, rowing and motor boat racing. The Canon 50-1000mm servo lens can zoom in from long distances for super close-up images.

If you want to take it to the next level - then we can hit the high speed button and record everything in slow motion from 8K 120 frames a second down to 2K 480 frames per second.

The new GSS system is also perfect for those epic scenic shots of the Qatari landscape adding cinematic production values to a sunrise at Zakreet or a dhow sailing on the high sea.

This is, quite simply, the most advanced stabilisation platform in the world and it is now permanently based in Qatar, with our crew, ready for your next production.

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